Our main focus is on fishery and supply chain Improvement projects (FIP’s) and the services and expertise we provide include:

Quality Improvements to Meet EU and US Standards

Develop and implement training programs for fishermen, middlemen and exporters concerning HACCP, food safety, hygiene and other quality improvements.

Developing Export Markets

Work hand in hand with retailers to develop and improve the quality of fishery products and market reception of these products.


Creating Traceability within Fisheries for IUU, Food Safety and MSC (Chain of Custody Certification). Create transparency by implementing international standards for traceability (including assistance to governments for registration of fishermen, fishing vessels, traders and exporters) and development and implementation of traceability systems tailor-fitted to the needs of specific fisheries (i.e. the tuna handline fishery).

Improving the Sustainability of Fisheries

Create and implement data collection programs for the creation of special management areas and to set fishing limits. Create sustainable alternatives to limit by-catch and/or to limit destructive fishing practices.

Preparing Fisheries for MSC Certification

Develop and implement a work plan to steer a fisheries towards MSC certification.

Capacity Building

Law enforcement, food safety and IUU training for government officials.

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