Sustainable solutions infisheries and aquaculture

VB Consultancy was founded in 2015 and handles consultancy assignments in the fisheries and aquaculture sector which previously fell under the responsibility of the Centre for Sustainability.


Our expertise are the sustainable aspects of aquaculture and fisheries projects. Most of our work is done in Southeast Asia with a focus on tuna and other high-value marine species and we provide project management, training and auditing services.

We started in 2008, operating as social entrepreneurs hoping to contribute to the creation of a sustainable future for developing nations by providing projects and consultancy services that are practical, environmental friendly and long lasting.

By now we provide assistance to a number of clients ranging from retailers and wholesalers in Europe, to national governments and development organizations active in Asia. Our company operates out of Hong Kong and Spain.

Read our latest article on the culture of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna in this month’s Sustainable Aquaculture magazine (December, 2017). Page 18 -25.

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See the recent work (2017) we did for Solidaridad and their Seafood Trade Intelligence Portal for seafood producers in developing countries:

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Download our latest report (2017) on the closed cycle aquaculture of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna in Europe here:

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