Sustainable solutions infisheries and aquaculture

VB Consultancy was founded in 2015 and handles consultancy assignments in the fisheries and aquaculture sector. In 2015 we registered as Limited Company in Hong Kong and since 2018 we operate as a sole proprietorship out of Spain.


We focus on the sustainable aspects of aquaculture and fisheries projects. Most of our work is done in Asia and the Middle East with a focus on high-value marine species whereby we provide project management, training, auditing and due diligence services.

We started in 2008, operating as social entrepreneurs hoping to contribute to the creation of a sustainable future for developing nations by providing projects and consultancy services that are practical, environmental friendly and long lasting.

By now we assist a number of clients ranging from retailers and wholesalers in Europe, to national governments and development organizations active in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Large hatchery planned for native Red Sea species for NEOM mega project in Saudi Arabia

April 2021 – Arab News


Since 2019 we provide the NEOM mega project in Saudi Arabia with strategic advice on aquaculture and fisheries. The latest project is a planned hatchery and growout farm for Red Sea native species.


EU Assistance – National Standard on Good Aquaculture Practices for Myanmar

2021 – MYSAP GIZ


Recently we provided training on the National Standard on Good Aquaculture Practices we developed for the Ministry of Fisheries in Myanmar on behalf of the EU – GIZ MYSAP project.


Improving hatchery and nursery production of Pangasius in Vietnam

2021 – Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands


We provide technical advice to an OKP Project led by Fresh Studio to support a resilient and sustainable value chain for Pangasius in the Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. The project is funded by the Dutch government.


The Fish Site

2017 – 2021 – The Fish Site


We regularly write on topics related to sustainable aquaculture for The Fish site. Topics include the culture of herbivores, biofloc systems, required legislative reforms and others. Read more here.


Improving hatchery production of Tiger Grouper in the Philippines

2021 – The Palawan Scientist


Together with Western Philippines University (WPU) we recently (2021) published our USAID funded study on Protocol development for the improved hatchery production of Tiger grouper Epinephelus fuscoguttatus (Forsskål, 1775) in Palawan, Philippines


ESG risks in aquaculture – Shallow Returns? ESG Risks and Opportunities in Aquaculture

2019 – FAIRR


We drafted the first report on ESG risks in aquaculture for FAIRR targeting large institutional investors.